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Employee Benefit Trusts

Employee Benefit Trusts ("EBTs") incorporating an independent offshore trustee can fulfil a number of roles for companies seeking to mitigate taxes and retain, motivate and stretch the client's management team by a well structured and efficiently administered remuneration package. The benefits of EBTs can be summarised as follows:

  • Provide long term incentives to enhance the company's ability to attract and retain key executives
  • Joint participation in the company's equity for those employees who are bound by certain trigger events can be an effective 'lock-in period' retention tool.
  • Creating a market in the illiquid shares as part of a share incentive scheme.
  • Hedge the company's exposure to its own share price prior to vesting incentives, by holding or "warehousing" shares in the company.
  • Taking the assets off the employer's balance sheet and out of the hands of any potential creditors of the company, thus providing security to key executives.

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