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International payroll.
Payroll Services
Hansard Guernsey

Payroll Services

International companies and their key staff and expatriate workers can benefit financially by outsourcing domestic or international payroll services. Hansard can offer:

Guernseyassistance to employers with the regulatory complications
     of employing staff in various jurisdictions whilst remaining
     fully compliant with local regulations.

assistance with the preparation of contracts of employment.

management of the employer's obligations with regard to
     employee protection (health and safety at work, unfair
     dismissal, trade union representation and similar).

the design of remuneration policies to minimise the costs
     of taxation and social security both to the employer and
     to the employee.

the ability to make employee payments in any currency.

Payroll services.
Payroll services. offshore employment solutions Guernsey
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Payroll Services.
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