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Honey Bees at Hansard.

Spring is upon us and the Honey Bees at Hansard are waking up

The Company, based at Granary House, The Grange, set up home to two swarms of honey bees on their roof top back in 2010. Since then, the hive has produced four additional swarms (due to a new queen bee emerging) which have been collected and based elsewhere in Guernsey. This has encouraged other novice beekeepers to establish their own bee hives.

There are vast amounts of beautiful flowers in the near vicinity, including the Company's own Sun Flowers and Nasturtiums on its roof top. Now that Spring is upon us, the bees have become more active and we have increasing numbers of bees working away at Hansard enabling Head Beekeeper and General Counsel, Jonathan Hart, to produce yet again, competition standard honey for the Company.

There has been a 25% decline in the UK honey bee population. The farming minister Lord Rooker has warned that if the trend continues unchecked, Britain could lose its 270,000 bee colonies within 10 years. Imagine a diet without apples, nuts, citrus fruits, onions, broccoli, carrots, melons, blueberries, cherries, avocadoes, strawberries or peaches.

On a warm day, the office windows are left open and the bees do not bother us. Philip Blows, Managing Director, recommends that other companies with any spare outside space, should take advantage of this initiative and set up their own bee hive.
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Jonathan Hart - Head Beekeeper
following Hansard's presentation of the
Corporate Conservation Award
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